Another diet? Paleo What? What do you even eat??

My husband and I have been eating Paleo since December 4th 2017, that is about 36 days. In that 36 days my husband has lost 20 pounds, and I have lost 10. I attribute his weight loss to the elimination of doughnuts and other sweets. I am not a fan of sweets, but I will eat chips like they are going out of style. So we each had our own struggle with this new way of eating. Calling it a diet makes it sound like we are starving ourselves while eating foods that taste like drywall. This couldn’t be any further from the truth, I think our meals are tastier than they were before.

Paleo Diet is a way of getting back to our roots, and they way we used to eat before all our food was overly processed and with chemicals added and the nutrients taken out. I have tried numerous other attempts at loosing but end up quitting because it is was too much work or the amount of food wasn’t enough to keep me full. Let me tell you I am always hungry, especially in the mornings. In my world its food first, then coffee, and then more food.

In the first 30 days we eliminated all sugar, dairy, wheat, legumes, and all processed foods. We increased the amount of veggies we ate, and of course lots of meats. Instead of sweets we ate food, and dreamed of ice cream and cake, well my husband anyway. I was disappointing to learn that my absolute favorite snack was no longer allowed. Popcorn was considered one of the no items, so I was going to have to find a new crunchy snack.

We did have struggles, I didn’t get into the swing of cooking every single meal that first week. I like making dinner, lunch can be a wash, and breakfast is the one meal I loathe. I wake up so hungry that the thought of making breakfast is horrendous. I had gotten in the habit of going to a restaurant instead of having to cook. I was pretty good about my choices, but hash browns made with regular potatoes was not Paleo-Friendly. Now I was stuck having to make all my own meals. I ended up making a lot of smoothies; Spinach, Almond Milk, Frozen Berries, and a Banana. For lunch I discovered that oven baked broccoli tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper, chili flakes, and sliced almonds was an amazing replacement for my beloved chips. What I didn’t realize is just how bad that meal stuck up my house and clothes. We went to the store, and I was walking around trying to figure out what stunk oh ya, it was me I smelled like stinky broccoli.

After that I really got into making dinner, and making enough for leftovers the next day. Basically I acted like I was cooking for 6, for breakfast I would have a banana with almond butter. That would hold me over until 11:30 and I would have lunch, which would be leftover from the night before. I finally had a system that would prevent me from slipping, getting frustrated and resorting to take out or some prepackaged thing in the cupboard.

About 3 weeks into the Paleo lifestyle Christmas happened, we ate foods coated in sugar, made with sugar, and with sugar on top they were also full of dairy and wheat. It all tasted sooooooo good, we had multiple servings of the amazing food that was cooked. Fast forward to the day after Christmas, I felt like my stomach had been pumped up with air I had a headache and I over all felt sluggish. I spent most of the day drinking apple cider vinegar and seltzer water, trying to recover from our cheat day.

We did hop right back to our new lifestyle, with the exception of some Peanut Butter Christmas Fudge came home with us. So our take on Paleo has been with some exceptions, I don’t think I would be able to keep my husband with me if I had taken away all his sweets.

So back to the million dollar question! What do we eat? For dinner tonight we had tacos if your anything like me your going to wonder how can I have tacos without a tortilla or taco shell. Well the answer is a lot easier than one would think and it doesn’t include lettuce. In my opinion hot taco meat on cold lettuce without salad dressing is gross, and balsamic vinegar doesn’t save it either.  Trust me on this one of the first meals we had was pot roast on butter lettuce with balsamic vinegar. I think the only reason my husband ate it was because he was hungry.

After 30 days we started adding Paleo Friendly sweets back into the diet, this doesn’t have to do with any fake sugars or sweetened chemicals. We were going back to natural and healthy which allows us to use raw honey, and pure maple syrup. Wait what, I can hear the gasp! Yes on Paleo you can have sweets, and guess what else? Bread and Pancakes! I made a to die for pumpkin bread, and banana pancakes that tasted like banana bread.

These were made with the help of almond flour, coconut flour, and pure maple syrup. The banana pancakes didn’t even have any sugar in them, and they were as sweet as a doughnut. Big win for me, and even bigger for my doughnut loving husband.


Pumpkin Bread Recipe 

Banana Pancake Recipe



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